From coast to coast
There's a ghost in this room I think I'll name it after all of you And watch it hang over my bed like decorations celebrated Memories, they came and went in light of all the time we spent Listening to everything our parents told us not to take in Now make a change I'm counting down
 Anonymous: not necessarily my "deepest darkest secret" but.... I'm staying at my female friends house((I'm lesbian)) from tomorrow til Sunday and she's been flirting with me and dropping hints that she wants me((her brother has told me a few things she's said about me and it's p cute tbh)) and we are like v flirty friends and I kinda wanna try something but Im scared that she'll want an actual relationship or wont want me at all idk I feel like a dick but I just want a friends with benefits sort a thing ??

Communication is key. You can start something and drop the famous line “just friends?” During it and if she starts to protest, tell her that’s all you want. Or start dropping hints that you really want to be in a friends with benefits kinda relationship. She defiantly wants you, she wouldn’t be flirting with you if she didn’t.

-tell me your deepest darkest secret-

Best of luck to you two!

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I asked them to make double chins and joe just said “imagine mine”
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why would you want to be an offensive stereotype for Halloween

when u can be



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 Anonymous: I feel broken, but I also feel the best I've ever been. I struggled over this thought during school today. it was hell during history.

I feel this way a lot. It’s just today- go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and try again. Start the day with an open mind, and allow all good things to shine bright and magnify them. Let all the bad things pass right by.

-tell me your deepest darkest secret-

please be as weird as me please be as weird as me please be as weird as me me every time I meet someone   (via electric-daisy-forest)
 tonnightalive: Marilyn Manson :)

Marilyn Manson: Weirdest thing about me?

It’s between like the fact I don’t like ice in my drinks (or anything cold at all) or that I have to watch grown men play video games on youtube everyday


What if life forms from other planets are invisible to the human eye and that’s why we haven’t found any

 Anonymous: I was anorexic freshman year of high school. I was 90lbs and 5'8. when my mom found out about my weight I played it off as I was too stressed to eat, not that I was measuring my waist everyday. I'm in junior year and I still count calories.

I think you should tell your mom what’s really going on. That’s really serious and unhealthy and you can lose your life. Please be safe, okay. The next time you come to my ask box I want you to tell me your recovery story. Please, please take care of yourself, you’re so important.

-tell me your deepest darkest secret-

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Time Bomb - All Time Low
 Anonymous: when i came out to my mom she was very supporting and extremely loving but she said, " this isn't what i wanted for you" and i know she didn't mean it in a negative way, that this was just something that she never pictured, but i still can't help but feel inadequate because i feel like i can never seem to be what she wants, we're polar opposites. is it selfish of me to feel like i should be who i want to be before i'm anyone else's?

Always do you, no matter the obstacles it creates. When I told my mom I supported gay rights with all my heart and that I had even donated to the cause, she kicked me out. Even then I wasn’t backing down my opinion even if it meant living somewhere else. And to this day I still have this proud feeling every time I think about it.

Be you. It’s so lonely in the eyes of someone else.

Don’t feel bad for not living up to some else’s standards, live up to your own.

-tell me your deepest darkest secret-