From coast to coast
There's a ghost in this room I think I'll name it after all of you And watch it hang over my bed like decorations celebrated Memories, they came and went in light of all the time we spent Listening to everything our parents told us not to take in Now make a change I'm counting down
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altpress: Also, @alltimelow is here! #APMAs #monsterenergy #gibsonbrands #axstv #altpress at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
 Anonymous: One direction isn't a band. They're 5 guys who sing on stage. They have drummers and guitarists who no one knows who they are play the actual music. They have other people write music for them. They wouldn't go see a dying kid because the family couldn't pay for it ( nah shit the daughter had cancer and was dying ) ---- 5SOS, they play their own music. Not all of them sing at the same time like 1D, -- bands like ATL play & write their own songs and music. And their fans are both sexes.

I don’t encourage putting down one band to make another look better.  I could argue every sentence of this about why it isn’t a viable defense, but no one has time for that.  

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Wave the white flag.
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reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you.


ok i haven’t done a solo promo in a while so i guess i should do one now in honour of hitting 2.8K! (✿◠‿◠)


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Don’t you fucking dare to say that Ashton doesn’t care about his fans.






Alex looked like a dirty trucker at the APMAs ok

He wore that same exact outfit both times I saw him at the house party tour- in the same week

He wears the outfit in almost every picture of him

Someone please tell that boy to buy himself some fucking…

I’m so in. Help this poor boy

It’s for a good cause, guys